P231, treatment for engine gasoline

Global solution of treatment and prevention of the engines gasoline
  • Débroussailleuse
  • Jetski
  • Moto
  • Tondeuse à gazon auto-portée
  • Tondeuse à gazon

P231 is the solution for the gasoline engines

P231 treatment for gasoline is a high-tech formula offering a comprehensive solution of treatment and prevention to the users of gasoline engines making it possible to solve the major part of the problems involved bound to fuel so much on the engines designed to function with leaded gasoline (ex-Super) that those functioning with unleaded gas.

  • Reduced the noises of valves

  • Reduced the smoke of the engines

  • Prolong the lifespan of the engines

  • Decrease fuel consumption

  • Clean and protects the injectors and the carburettors

  • Protect from corrosion and rust the tank

PROTEA P550 proportioning table

Number of liters of gasoline to be treated

1L of PROTEA P231 for 150L gasoline

50 liters 0.33 ml
100 liters 0.666 ml
150 liters 1.00 liter
200 liters 1.333 liter
250 liters 1.833 liter
300 liters 2.00 liters
310 liters 2.066 liters
350 liters 2.333 liters
400 liters 2.666 liters
450 liters 3.00 liters
500 liters 3.333 liters
5000 liters 33.333 liters
8000 liters 53.333 liters
9000 liters 60.00 liters
10000 liters 66.666 liters
20000 liters 133.333 liters

The solution to multiple problems

  • Allows the use of unleaded gasoline in engines for normal or super fuel
  • Reduced the noises of valves
  • Decrease the deposits on the heads of valves
  • Lubricate and reduces the wear of the valves
  • Clean the injectors or the carburettors
  • Protect the carburettors and the injectors from corrosion
  • Clean the combustion chamber
  • Reduced the smoke of the engines
  • Protect from rust all the metal parts in contact with the fuel
  • Protect from oxidation from the gasoline
  • Significantly reduced the gum formation and other deposits
  • Lubricate the upper part of the engine and poses a protective coating with the whole of the admission system
  • Avoid corrosion and rust in the gasoline tank
  • Decrease considerably the formation of deposits and residues for the gasoline stored for long term
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Appropriate for all types of thermal engines with gasoline, carburettors or injections and with all types of exhaust while ensuring a perfect protection
  • Prolong the lifespan of the engine.