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PROTEACTIVE Caraïbes is strong with a large number of references from engine manufacturers and customers such as EDF, VOLVO TRUCKS, RENAULT TRUCKS ... Its distribution network is well established in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana.

PROTEACTIVE Caribbean is the only Caribbean company that distributes a product that reduces air emissions . On a large scale using PROTEA P2 would reduce the consequences of greenhouse gases.

We want all users of thermal engines (pollutant engines) to use this product for economic and especially ecological reasons.

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In order to measure the efficiency of the PROTEA we have opted for an end-of-life engine (13000 hours on the counter, unstable regulation, high crankcase pressure, heavy smoke, engine clapping...).
After treatment, we observe a clear stability of the regulation, a reduction in the pressure in the crankcase, a reduction in the exhaust fumes, a more frank recovery during the load impacts, a healthier oil between the oil changes, a gain of consumption.

Mr. Daniel MAXIMIN agency manager Assistance 97

Because fuel and diesel have become organic because of the oils and the sulfur content has decreased, we have many problems throughout the profession with fuel that degrades and fuels that degrade…
We have found the solution, Actioil that actually solves the problem.

Jacky WENTZINGER, Oil carrier and dealer at Beyel S.A.R.L

With the PROTEA Diesel I reduced my fuel consumption by an average of 10 to 12%, my engines no longer smoke, I no longer have problems with clogged filters, water in the tanks.

As for the PROTEA P260 FLUSHING, we were looking for a way to clean the whole oil circuit with the removal of deposits of calamines in the piston grooves without too long immobilization of the material.

My main observation, apart from the fact that the smoke had diminished, was that the oil was still clean after more than two days of operation.

Ruddy BRISSAC Technical manager of the company's fleet NICOLLIN-ANTILLES