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A solution to global problems
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Proteactive Caraïbes in detail

Proteactive Caraïbes Revolutionizes Fuel Treatments.

Founded in February 2000 and based in Abymes in Guadeloupe, Proteactive Caraïbes is an innovative company specializing in efficient fuel treatments.
It distributes in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana the treatments, PROTEA P2 known to the retail, and PROTEACTIVE / ACTIOIL known to professionals.

Our treatments are recognized by the petroleum industry, companies like EDF and engine manufacturers (Enéria Caterpillar, Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks, Case, New Holland ...), which after various phases of testing we testified their trust. Our choice was to convince engine manufacturers such as Renault Trucks, Caterpillar, Volvo Trucks, New Holland, Case to test. We obtained accreditation letters followed by conditioning our solutions On behalf of their brands .

The treatments PROTEA P2 and PROTEACTIVE / ACTIOIL were invented with obligations of result and not of means unlike the additives.
Contrairement aux additifs qui se déclinent en plusieurs gammes de produits et ne ciblent que quelques aspects des problèmes d'un carburant (anti-pollution, nettoyant injecteur…), les solutions PROTEA P2 et PROTEACTIVE/ACTIOIL ont été conçues pour répondre à l'ensemble des problématiques de bactéries dans les carburants, de pied d’eau, de pollution, of filters, from Fuel system failure .

Nos Commitments

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    Proteactive Caraïbes, it is a commitment to ecology

    The PROTEACTIVE / ACTIOIL and PROTEA P2 treatments have several direct and indirect ecological actions. For example, our treatments allow to reduce exhaust fumes by up to 40% and Reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% ...
    ...And Less fuel consumed is also less pollution.

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    Proteactive Caraïbes, it is also a societal commitment

    In addition to reducing emissions of gaseous pollutants, PROTEA P2 treatments indirectly contribute to the fight against exhaust-related diseases.

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    And finally, an economic commitment

    We are participating in the increase in purchasing power of our customers. Our consumers are very much in the process of buying their treatments with reduced fuel consumption or additional kilometers they can achieve.

Product application examples

Proteactive, the solution for global problems

Le PROTEA P2 is more than an additive is a fuel. Consequently, this product can be put pure in the diesel filter, which gives it great differences and gives it great strength compared to its competitors. On a large scale using PROTEA P2 would reduce the consequences of greenhouse gases.

How do bacteria form in fuels?

Temperature differences due to climatic variations generate condensation from the water contained in the ambient air or dissolved in the fuel.
This condensation turns into water that settles to the bottom of storage tanks and tanks and will allow bacteria to grow.

Our treatments eliminate water and bacterias developing in tanks and fuel storage tanks. PROTEA P2 treatments are used as a preventive measure to prevent water, bacteria, mold and paraffin formation.

Did you know?

Proteactive Caribbean is ahead of its time and has exceeded the objectives of the Grenelle Environment Forum for more than 10 years.
In August 2009, France had set the goal the 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector by 2020. Our treatments allow reduction of up to 40% in gas emissions

Since the beginning of 2000, PROTEA P2 has already been able to meet the objectives of the Grenelle Environment Forum.