P550, Treatment for diesel oil

Global treatment for furnaces, boilers and diesel engines
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The effective solution against all the problems of the Diesel

P550 treatment for Diesel is a high-tech formula offering a comprehensive solution of processing and prevention to the professional users of diesel engines making it possible to solve the major part of the problems involved in the fuel (FOD, Gas oil, Biocarburants)

This product is an evolution of P350 optimized by the new data chemical in terms of lubrication, detergency, dispersant, anti-corrosive and antioxydant.
The tribology tests were carried out successfully (improvement from 1 to 3) in the test laboratories of one of the world leaders of the high-pressure injection.

  • Destroys 100% of the bacteria and their reappearance prevents

  • Eliminate and prevents the presence of condensed water

  • Restore the initial quality of the fuel

  • Improve combustion of the fuel

  • Protect the tanks, the boilers and the engines

  • Clean the tanks and the systems of injection

Validated and certified treament for Diesel

The P550 treatment underwent and passed from many tests of laboratory :
ASTM D613 / HFRR / NFR 106025 / M07075 / ASTM D665A / ASTM D665B / ASTM D130 / ASTM D2274

Proportioning table for PROTEA P550

Liters of gas oil to be treated

Curative Phase
1L of PROTEA P550 for 150L of gas oil

Preventive Phase
1L of PROTEA P550 for 320L of gas oil

50 liters 0.34 ml 0.16 ml
70 liters 0.47 ml 0.22 ml
100 liters 0.67 ml 0.32 ml
150 liters 1.00 litre 0.47 ml
200 liter 1.34 litre 0.63 ml
250 liters 1.84 litre 0.79 ml
300 liters 2.00 liters 0.94 ml
310 liters 2.07 liters 0.97 litres
350 liters 2.34 liters 1.10 litres
400 liters 2.67 liters 1.25 litres
450 liters 3.00 liters 1.41 litres
500 liters 3.34 liters 1.56 litres
2000 liters 13.34 liters 6.25 liters
3000 liters 20.00 liters 9.38 liters
5000 liters 33.34 liters 15.63 liters
8000 liters 53.34 liters 25.00 liters
9000 liters 60.00 liters 28.13 liters
10000 liters 66.67 liters 31.25 liters
15000 liters 100.00 liters 46.88 liters
20000 liters 133.34 liters 62.50 liters

The solution to multiple problems

  • Avoid internal corrosions of the tanks and tanks
  • Clean and protects the tanks and the tanks
  • Disperse muds and the sediments of hydrocarbons origin
  • Prevents the risks of bacterial contamination
  • Destroys and disperses the micro-organisms in the fuel (bacteria, mushrooms,…)
  • Neutralize wet tracing from 200 to 4000 PPM
  • Deposit a protective coating on the walls of the tank or the tanks
  • Prevents oxidation of the fuel which could make it unsuitable to the use
  • Clean injection pumps and injectors
  • Lubricate the injection pumps
  • Prevent and removes the gumming of the nozzle needles
  • Protect from erosion the tops of cylinders, segments, seats and heads of valves
  • Clean the tops of cylinders, the segments and the valves
  • Clean the combustion chambers
  • Prevent corrosions
  • Prevent the contamination of the oil engine
  • Allows to burn the impurities and the bacteria
  • Inhibits gaseous tracers and heavy micro particles in post-combustion
  • Prevent the formation of micro-organisms on non contaminated elements
  • Cleans the supply circuit and filters
  • Eliminate the rolling effects durably
  • Ensure the regular idle and stabilized
  • Restore the initial performances of the engine
  • Restore initial fuel consumption
  • Prolong the lifespan of the engine.
  • Clean the whole combustible circuit
  • Give the burner its original output and avoids its premature wear
  • Avoid a partial combustion and thus increases the thermal production
  • Prevent the clogging of the gears, pump of pulverization and jet
  • Clean the combustion chambers
  • Prevent corrosions in post-combustion
  • Allows to burn the impurities and the bacteria
  • Cleans the supply circuit and filters
  • Eliminate the rolling effects durably
  • Ensure a stabilized flame
  • Restore initial fuel consumption
  • Prolong the lifespan of the tank, burner and boiler.