PROTEA P2 for fuel and oil engine treatments

High efficiencies formulas offering a complete answer to fuels problems.
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An effective set of treatments for the fuels, issued from an innovation technology

PROTEA P2 products were invented in 1979 in the biggest military secret with performance obligation for three needs

  • Avoid the detection of the exhaust fumes of the tanks buried in the sand and avoid huge losses given the cost of a tank. To achieve this goal, researchers improved the combustion with molecules to reduce gas emissions so that they are less visible and identifiable.
  • The 2nd problem for the armed forces was of a logistical nature, because in a tank we cannot increase the volume of the reservoir because of lack of space. The molecules have been brought to reduce the consumption and thus travel more kilometers with the same number of litres of fuel.
  • The last obligation was to maintain the quality of the fuel as long as possible. The phases of supply were more or less long and the stored fuel was deteriorating quickly and became unsuitable for combustion. Providing molecules helped to ensure the quality of combustion of fuels up to 6 months.

Since 2000, it is possible for us, civils, to use and enjoy this great technology invention.

Treatments of PROTEA P2 still depend on performance obligation and redefine as well the very sulfured diesel fuels of the 1980s as desulphurized diesel and bio fuel containing methyl Esther fatty acid (EMAG)

Also, on petrol PROTEA P2 guarantees efficient operation of petrol engines leaded and the new ones thank's to its rich lubrication molecule gas engines.

Fuel treatments PROTEA P2 provide many benefits

  • Reduction of polluting gas emissions

  • Reduction of fuel consumption

  • Restoration of the initial performance of the engine

  • Dispersion and elimination of water formation

  • Protection against corrosion/erosion

  • Sludge and sediment dispersion

  • Elimination of bacteria and paraffins

  • Cleaning and protection of tank, engine, circuit power

  • Cleaning of the combustion chambers

Proteactive, the solution for the global issues

PROTEA P2 is more than an additive that a fuel. Therefore, this product can be used pure in the diesel filter, which gives large differences and gives it a great strength compared to its competitors. The long run use of PROTEA P2 would reduce the consequences of greenhouse gases.

PROTEA P2 treatments ensure optimal and sustainable operation

PROTEA P2 works on all combustion engines unlike simple additives that are not used in the maritime sector, the production of electric energy, the ovens and boilers.

Vehicles (Diesel or Gasoline)

In addition to providing protection against water and bacteria formations in tanks, PROTEA P2 treatments ensure optimal and sustainable operation to your vehicle with the P550 for Diesel engines, le P231 for Gasoline engines et le P260 for oil engines.

Generators (Diesel, petrol or fuel)

PROTEA P2 treatments are perfectly suited for the generators with the P550 for Diesel, P231 for gasoline engines and even the P550 for heavy fuel oil for the most powerful generators used for example in hospitals, airports, data centers, etc.


Proteactive Caribbean offers solutions for all issues of the maritime sector, the P550 for Diesel engines, the P260 motor oils for Diesel engines. PROTEA P2 treatments provide protection against corrosion, rust, they destroy any formation of bacteria and water in the reservoirs and tanks, and reduce consumption of fuel.

Transport truck or agricultural machine

Vehicles broken down or immobilized because of bactérias, des paraffins or water in the tanks generate useless expenses of exploitation to the owners. P550 treatments for engine Diesel and the P260 for engine oils are the only products to meet to all of the issues of the professionals.

Furnaces and boilers (Diesel or heavy fuel oil)

P550 treatment for Diesel engines and heavy fuel are the solution to reduce consumption of fuel ovens (bakery,...) and boilers. PROTEA P2 allows to lower the fuel consumption, increase heat production and avoid degradation the fuel… and therefore so many savings.

Differences between the products competitors (additives) and PROTEA P2 (treatments)


Competitors (Additives)


ISO 9002 qualification
Cleans and lubricates the injectors
Cleans and lubricates the injection pump
Cleans and lubricates valves tops
Cleans and lubricates the combustion chambers, tops of cylinders
Clean the supply circuit
Avoid the holes to the acceleration
Facilitates cold starts
Improves the performance of the engine
Decreases the rattling of the engine
Stabilizes the idle
Removes the scale
Eliminates condensation water
Avoid the development of bacteria
Avoids the corrosion
Avoid marine corrosion
Protects against rust
Reduced fuel consumption
Increases cetane index
Reduces exhaust smoke emissions
Compatible autocatalyst, EGR valve
180 PPM active product dosage
Increases the life of the engine and the exhaust